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Written by Customer Service — August 18, 2012


Todd Tardugno:

Love you guy,and bought several shirts,and ordered some stickers from you,but I dont understand why my stickers havent arrived yet? They were ordered same day as a shirt,and IT arrived two days ago!

May 28 2014

wolfcreekk9 -bob:

Good quality “STUFF” Any chance of ordering any more of shirts yourgetting any more shirts your sold out of?

June 04 2014

Robert Watt:
What arraignments can be made to ship to Canada? Like your stuff.

July 11 2014


Shipping was extremely fast and the products are good quality. Great for gifts. Ret. Handler.

July 14 2014


Great service all ways glad to helpout oyr k9s…

July 15 2014

bob berner /wolfcreekk9:

I have had nothing but good things to say about your proucts.But after 4years we have one.The new shirt I just received and I had to say something..The paw print is not where it’s suppose to be,and the material is not the qualty of the first one.WHATS UP?

September 10 2014

Doug Greenwood:

I have ordered things several times and the speed of delivery and communications with K9 Stuff is exceptional. Your products are top quality and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you for being a sponsor for MWD the world over.

September 26 2014


Thanks so much really fast delivery and I like the fact that you’re an American family based store I’ll be back to shop again.

September 26 2014

Todd Tardugno:

I already own several of your shirts,and other items. I just recieved another shirt and 2 patches in the mail. Very excited…in the past,I felt the shirts were of a material thats too heavy,passe if you will for the newer blends are much more comfy,and wear well also as a working shirt. Nonetheless,I wear them anyway,because they are awesome products. My new shirt is of a new style blend and I am totally stoked about this!!! THANK YOU- THANK YOU! Your service is tops as always. I recommend you to all my K9 friends.

October 21 2014

Hollis Dzamba:

Just received my order and LOVE the K9 Beanie for my grandson ! I also ordered the stuff K9 Malinois for a special reason.,,,,,,a K9 Mal named Archie who is the top dog of the Sheriff Dept. Of Passaic County had to have his tail docked due to a injury that made the lower part of his tail to die. I am the kennel manager of the hospital that did the operation and the officer was so concerned that the loss of his tail might alter his preformance…….no it didn’t….. He is back to being top dog! I saw the Mal you had and when I saw the tail was short I just had to order one for the officers little girl!!!!, Love It!!!!! Thanks!

August 10 2015

Harry Schlitz:

What a great site. Thanks for the support.
Harry Schlitz
Team Leader

March 29 2016

Brett Jones:

Top notch business… Every order I have placed has been shipped the same day and arrived just as it was pictured on the site. Great work guys… I never look anywhere else for K9 memorabilia.

April 01 2016


My order came fast. I was very pleased with all the thing that I ordered. I will be or ding more from this Co.

Thank You

April 09 2016

Donna Cyr:

Great page. I love all your stuff!! Keep it up!

May 27 2016

Warren Dodge:

have bought stickers and very happy with quality and shipping ! Why is it nobody ever offers Ts with pockets!!! The other Thing is i’m thinking of going to my legion post and asking about buying k9 pups out to our local police station to hand out to kids that have been in some sort of bad sitituation is it possible to get a discount on more them if we say bought 30 at a time thank you so much k9 handler viet nam 70-72

September 05 2016


Amazing customer service! The shipping was extremely fast, even overseas. There was a coupon from the site, added to the fair prices, so I was very happy. When we had a mix-up of orders, it was handled quickly and they went above and beyond to make us happy. They have a genuine respect for customers as well as our troops, and I could not have asked for better service or a better birthday present!

September 08 2016


Exceptional customer service and items arrived a few days after the order was placed. There was a problem with one of the items and it was resolved within a few hours after the first email was sent. In addition, when trying to decide between two products, they provided recommendations to make sure I received the item I was looking for. I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely be a repeat customer.

February 08 2017

George Burns:

Placed my first order at 10:32am, July 1, 2017; order was shipped by standard USPS rate that day and was delivered by 11:00am July 3rd. A nice surprise for a holiday weekend. The order was complete and everything I ordered was what I expected. I had also made a recommendation regarding shipping and received a response within the hour, from a person. So overall… I’m impressed. I’ll be ordering again, once an out of stock item comes in. Looks like some pretty good customer service and products.

July 04 2017

Bob Berner:

I have been buying products for
about 10 years ,never had to return anything.My only complaint is the shirts,sweatshirts ARE ALWAYS SOLD OUT?? What’s up with that??Thanks bobsled in W.V.

October 11 2017

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